Vamos España

We are proud to introduce you to three new wineries that join the producers we already work with. This time we have dedicated ourselves to Spain and in particular to the Rioja region, located between the Basque Country and Navarre in the north of Spain; famous for its ancient monasteries, picturesque cities and breathtaking landscapes; but above all for the splendid wines.

The three companies that Naturavini has selected are very different from each other in terms of the types of wine they produce, but they all have something in common: they are all certified as organic, they work with the utmost respect for the environment and nature, they do not use any chemical additives in the preparation of wines, and… they produce spectacular natural wines with an unparalleled value for money.

Viña Ilusion is a small company that has been able to convert to biodynamics for a few decades by creating a real closed circuit where electricity is produced by solar panels and the vines are fertilized by sheep. The wines have a purity and freshness that will amaze you.

Bodega Moraza, led by the wonderful Janire, has been able to give a touch of modernity to its wines which is nothing more than a return to the tradition of the true flavors of grape varieties such as Viura or Tempranillo that have been sacrificed in recent decades for the benefit of intensive production of supermarket wines.

Tentenublo, by the young Roberto Olivan, is the most exciting name to follow in Rioja and represents a production philosophy that we liked at first sight, which is based on the renunciation of wines with long passages in wooden barrels in order to maintain freshness, drinkability and no contamination. It is not for nothing that Roberto was named “Young Winemaker of the Year”.

Viña Ilusion, Bodega Moraza and Tentenublo are the leaders of the New Rioja Revolution. Let yourself be tempted by the curiosity to try something authentic, natural, and unique: traveling with your taste buds to the other side of Europe.

Vamos, España!