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Atimo Malvazija 2020 – Atimo


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Filip Koletnik follows a simple philosophy: he believes that the best things are natural. To him, the grape is perfect in itself and contains everything necessary for a good and full-bodied wine. Therefore, he wishes to influence the process of the grape becoming wine to the most minimal extent possible.
The result of this idea is a lively, full-bodied wine of a gold yellow colour, with complex aromas, a strong and mineral flavour and long aftertaste.
Malvazija Atimo is the real masterpiece of Filip Koletnik; a wine created during the full moon in a small vineyard in the magical village of Draguć, which is under the auspices of UNESCO.
Do not expect any filtration— on the contrary, the suggestion as indicated also on the label is to turn the bottle upside down before it is poured, because it is these yeasts that give the mouth a long and special aftertaste. An unforgettable wine. This 2020 version is, if possible, even fresher than the previous one, with citrus notes and perfect acidity
After having manually picked the most mature and healthy grapes, grown in biodynamic vineyards, the grapes are macerated for up to nine months in used wooden 550-l Tonneau barrels whereby only indigenous yeasts are used. Subsequently, the wine is matured on lees in used oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. The wine is bottled in free fall. ATIMO wines haven’t undergone heat or cold stabilisation, and they are neither fined not filtered. ATIMO is purposefully produced with fine lees kept in the bottle.
White fish, fingerfoods, vegetables… sushi and sashimi. Great wines for a lot of moments

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