Maurizio Donadi Casera Frontin

A micro winery of less than 4 hectares immersed in the greenery of the prime Belluno mountains in Veneto, where multiple colors coexist together: wild herbs and wildflowers; looking up at the cherry blossoms and apple orchards in a picture that smells of Nature. A biodiversity that is also love and transparency. In this suggestion where space and time seem to have stopped, the project of Maurizio Donadi (formerly the winemaker of Casa Belfi and of the highly successful Naturally Sparkling) flourishes. Only biodynamic viticulture is employed here, based on exclusively natural, simple, traditional and time-saving cultivation and vinification methods.
Beautiful new labels for fresh and refreshing wines, not disgorged so as not to block their slow maturation, which hide unexpected depths and scents.

Wines by Maurizio Donadi Casera Frontin


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