Jure Štekar

Jure Štekar winery is located in the heart of the Gorizia Collio, Brda in slovenian, in the picturesque village of Snežatno. A vocated area where nature gave a soil full of minerals, the sun in the Primorska region warms the grapes nicely and the wind brings a Mediterranean and alpine breeze. Ideal conditions for very special natural wines.
Štekar is one of the first producers in Slovenia working only with organic method in the vine and the same goes for wine, which is alive inside the bottle, so every bottle is different and something completely unique.
Rebula, Malvazija and Tocai Friulano among the local grapes are those from which Jure manages to obtain the most extraordinary results. Very pure wines (with very low level of sulfites and no intervention at any stage) able maintain great freshness together with a great intensity to be appreciated glass after glass

Wines by Jure Štekar


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