How is it possible that two of the best Croatian natural wine cellars are located within 20 meters of each other? it can happen in Prizdrina, a small village on the Peljesac peninsula. It is here that Mario Bartulović produces his wonderful wines; in a stone house very similar to that of his neighbour and friend Denis of Vinarija Kriz.
Bartulović vineyards covers 3 ha in total, spread on several smaller parcels. Traditional hand work is practiced in the vineyards where all chemical additives are strictly banned. Natural fermentations, no filtering, really minimal intervention in canteen. Each vineyard has its own personality, age and weather conditions. Mario (Maro) Bartulović is aware that wine is a combination of the wisdom of man and the earth. It includes social, cultural and life knowledge.
The results are splendid; fascinating and powerful wines that give the maximum interpretation of a magical territory that, if respected, can give magnificent fruits.

Wines by Bartulović


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