Barbara Avellino

It was 2008 when Barbara Avellino bought 4 hectares of vineyards in Oltrepo’ Pavese in one of the most suitable wine areas in northern Italy for sparkling wines.
Since then began a long conversion from a “conventional” agriculture to a more sustainable and respectful one that led Barbara to give up, in a few years, all chemical treatments and to use integral grassing and biodynamic preparations. From 2013 he also began to breed bees in the vineyard; givers of life and fertility. A vineyard management with a view to restoring balance to plants and respect to the environment and the animal and plant creatures that inhabit it

The grapes are carefully selected and only those of excellent quality are harvested to ensure the formation of effervescence directly in the bottle through the use of the native yeasts present on the skins.

Wines by Barbara Avellino


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