Auriel, whose name recalls the homonymous biblical archangel governor of the element of the Earth and of nature, is a very small organic -biodynamic winery founded in 2005 by Marta Peloso and his husband Felice Cappa, on the sweet hills of Monferrato, in Piedmont. The vineyard of three hectars, planted in 2007-2008, is set right in the center of over 60 hectares of pristine farmlands and woods. Barbera and Grignolino, varieties that represent the maximum expression of the territory,
are cultivated according to the biodynamic modern method. Not using any synthetic chemicals, neither fertilizers or herbicides. The aim is to promote the action of the natural elements in the vineyard, trying never to intervene directly on the plant, but promoting its health and self-sufficiency through the creation of a vital soil and an optimal relationship between the deep roots of the plant and its terroir. In winemaking , the same basic criteria is applied with the intent to never intervene directly on the physical body of the substances (grapes, must), carefully “conducting” their transformation .

Wines by Auriel


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