Filip Koletnik, the owner, creator and manager of Atimo, is a former director at a large German multinational who left his comfortable job in order to follow his real passion: making wines… but “making” is not the right word because, as Filip says, we can only call Mother Nature the author of his wines, as he wants to have the least influence on the process when wine is made from grapes.

Filip is Slovenian and makes wines in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. For him, there are no boundaries in terms of wine. You can see him as an ambassador between these three regions, which have always been closely linked. Actually, he has a permanent residence in a small village near Premantura in Istria, Croatia, where he produce his Malvazia that is considered his masterpiece wine in a small organic and biodynamic vineyard. 2000 rare bottles are easier to find in a famous restaurant in Tokyo or Paris rather then in Croatia.
The label immediately attracts one’s gaze, unforgettable like the wine itself; It is marked by perhaps the most beautiful Slovenian artistic erotic photography, August Berthold, whose works are part of a permanent exhibition at the National Gallery.

All Filip’s vineyards are harvested by carefully picking only the best, healthiest and optimally mature grapes.
Filip’s wines have no added yeasts, which is also one of the rules of natural wines, allowing only those yeasts which are present on the grape itself.
Every bottle has fine lees in them. These fine yeasts act as a preservative for wine.
No filtration and practically no sulfur addition.
Filip Koletnik is certainly the next name in European enology.

Wines by Atimo


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