Villa Job

Villa Job is a small winery with just 6 hectares of land located on the Friuli Pozzuolo plateau; at 90 meters above sea level, it is called ‘the Hills’ or ‘the Terraces’ by geologists and is surrounded by forest and the Cormor river. A true concentration of biodiversity and vibrant nature. Classic Friuli varietals are planted here: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Ribolla, Tocai, Refosco and Schioppettino;
Alessandro Job and his wife Lavinia in a short space of time, have turned their lives around, switching from being engineers and marketing managers in Milan to natural wine producers in Friuli.
Alessandro Villa Job is passionate about the vineyard, but also about the relationship between humans and the earth. He likes to say that wine is not just a product, but rather that it is a reflection of the winegrower’s ideas and passion. Alessandro and Lavinia have stayed true to the land farming biodynamically since 2013. In canteen the grapes are left to ferment spontaneously using only the yeasts naturally present on the skins, in open conical trunks, without temperature control and with cooling carried out with water from the well. The wine is handled as little as possible, and is patiently stored and cared for in the peace of the cellar, in order to release all its personality and wealth once it is poured into the wine glass.The result are emotional, personal and free wines, values that reflect their thoughts and ideas, not exclusively related to the mere economic and commercial factor.

Wines by Villa Job


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