Salvatore (Turi) Marino was born and raised in a family of winemakers in Contrada Buonivini in Pachino in the extreme south-east of Sicily. A beautiful part of the world rich in history and culture.
Visionary interpreter of the traditional wine culture of Pachino, Salvatore Marino surprises us with a range of pure and authentic Sicilian natural wines made with native Sicilian grapes

His vines are planted in free standing bushes and the nature of the land predisposes them to the cultivation of the vines and to the production of wine in a natural manner. Respect for biodiversity and of the lunar calendar helps to choose the right moment for the work still carried out by hand.
Hoe and pruning shears are almost the only farm tools used in the vineyard. Seasoned organic manure and the practice of green manure are the only fertilizers used.

The natural wines are produced, without adding anything else other than what the grapes give.
“Futurism” prevailed in the creation of Turi’s LABELS, which his wife oversaw: visual immediacy,
essentiality of the forms, strength of the typographic character, which itself became a graphic element.
To date the company has approximately 13 hectares of land on which approximately half are represented by vineyards and the rest, almonds, carobs, olives which are transformed into oil and an ancient variety of durum wheat, Russello, which is transform into pasta and flour.

Wines by Turi


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