A visit and a tasting at Tomac Winery is something that remains dear to the heart, due to the hospitality of Tomislav and his wife Martina, the beauty of the landscape, and of course because of the range of great wines that Tomac is producing.

The winery is located in the Plešivica region, a few minutes’ drive from Zagreb on the road that leads directly to the Adriatic Sea, but only few tourists know that some of the best Croatian wines and certainly the best sparkling wines are hidden among those rolling hills.

Tomac is an avant-garde in Croatian enology; among the very first to use amphorae, he is also one of the very few enologists in Croatia who have adopted a philosophy of minimal intervention on the vineyards and in the cellar, inspired by the great Josko Gravner, a monument of world winemaking. It is no surprise that it was Tomislav to bring the first Croatian petnat to market, which will surely see many imitations very soon.

Wines by Tomac


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