Tenuta Belvedere

Tenuta Belvedere is located in the green hills of Oltrepò Pavese, in an area with a very strong wine vocation.
Gianluca Cabrini, first car salesman and now winemaker, creator and owner of Tenuta Belvedere, started in 2013 by taking over the family vineyard with his wife and relaunching it by installing Mother Nature as the majority shareholder for his business.

At Tenuta Belvedere, viticulture has minimal environmental impact, with organic fertilizations carried out only if necessary before the winter months, spontaneous grassing between the rows, and treatments reduced to the solitary use of copper and sulfur. The integrity of the bunches is safeguarded and controlled right from the harvest, carried out strictly by hand in small boxes and subjected to strict integrity checks once in the cellar: even the use of sulfites is reduced to the bare minimum or completely abolished.

With good reason, Tenuta Belvedere is considered one of the most beautiful expressions of Italian “petnat”; Naturavini is very happy and proud to present the whole WAI line (white, rosé and red).

Wines by Tenuta Belvedere


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