Roberto Oliván, 37 years old, launched Tentenublo Wines in 2011 with the only goal to make a living from the land and add value to his family’s small wine business. Located in the district of Lanciego, on the foothills at the easter end of the Sierra Cantabria mountains where he lives and is deeply attached to.
In a few years Roberto became one of the most exciting names among the new generation of young producers in Rioja (in 2015 named “Young Winemaker of the Year”) and surely one of leader of the new Rioja revolution giving to his wines a more modern touch, looking for more freshness and with less prevalence of the wood.
The amusing illustration that appears on his labels expresses the meaning of his name: ‘tentenublo’ was a ringing of bells that was formerly used in some regions of Spain to ward off the hail storms that are so damaging to the vineyards.
Needless to add that Tentenublo works only with organic procedures and minimal intervention in canteen and in total respect of nature.

Wines by Tentenublo


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