In the summer of 1924, the imperial councillor Ludwig Krempl, the great-great-grandfather, surprised his son with these words: “Get down to the South Styrian wine route. I’ve bought a vineyard there, the Rebenhof, and see what there is there!” That’s how the Rebenhof came to be in the possession of the Aubell family and this is how the story began.

Since 2013, the vineyards and the cellar have been working in accordance with biodynamic regulations, controlled by Demeter and based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. It was an obvious transition for a family of agriculturists where the land is the key basis.
Anyone who meets Demeter regulations exceeds the requirements of organic wine-growing in some way: not only are pesticides and chemical means of plant protection prohibited.

The biodynamic preparations are natural products that are used in the smallest possible doses to promote soil life, growth, and the quality of plant as well as animal health.

In canteen, nothing is added and nothing is taken away from wines. No enzymes, yeast cultures, sugars, or fining agents are used. All Rebenhof production is a true gift of nature.

Wines by Rebenhof


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