Podere Sante Marie - Marino Colleoni

The hill of Montalcino is one of the most revered wine areas on the planet and a destination for authentic pilgrimages by wine lovers from every corner of the world.
Marino Colleoni, owner of the small Podere Sante Marie, is a clear point of reference in the panorama of Brunello producers and is now a legend in the world of natural wine. Three hectares of Sangiovese for a very small production of bottles of Brunello and “Riserva” that are almost impossible to find on the market and are contested by distributors all over the world.
At Podere Sante Marie the concept of “natural wine” takes on extreme connotations; the vineyards are not treated in any way, even the sulfur is replaced by a natural algae-based preparation administered a couple of times a year if necessary.
Marino pays great attention to balance in the vineyard by constantly cataloging all the plants that grow and even insects and microorganisms to ensure that nature is able to regulate itself without any human intervention.
The aging then takes place in large oak barrels for a period varying from 36 to 45 months which Marino constantly smells and tastes before deciding on the right time for bottling. The use of sulfur dioxide is almost non-existent. No artifice, and no use of chemistry, no clarifications, no filtrations.
Each vintage represents a different story and they all have an extraordinary elegance in common. Expressive, territorial and very pure wines. Impossible to forget.

Wines by Podere Sante Marie - Marino Colleoni


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