Podere Cipolla

Denny Bini is considered one of the most interesting names in the world of artisanal Lambrusco. The winery, Podere Cipolla, is located on the outskirts of the city of Reggio Emilia, where the plains are gently transformed into green hills.

Denny’s adventure began in 2003 when he decided to rent a few hectares from his grandfather and plant his vineyards. The young man used these lands to grow local grapes, mainly Lambrusco, and then vinified them in his home garage. A short time later, a friend allowed him to use his cellar, thus marking the official beginning of the history of Podere Cipolla.

An artisanal approach linked to ancient peasant traditions is still today the belief that saw the boy grow up and become a man. A story of love, the one between Denny and his homeland, which is realized in the pure and living nectars it produces. Territorial expressions, without retouching, tasty and rustic, certainly not designed to be precise and chiseled, but capable, like few other wines are, of freeing themselves from conventionality and letting the land and grapes speak directly.

In the cellar, fermentations are carried out by indigenous yeasts and refermentations occur spontaneously in the bottle according to ancient local recipes, in an area where petnat was made long before petnat began to be talked about.

Wines by Podere Cipolla


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