Nikolas Juretic

Nikolas Juretic is being hailed as the new star of Friuli and his plots are considered Crus of Friuli.
Only few bottles produced that global distributors compete for (a total of around 6000 bottles per year) from the Italian part of the Gorizian Collio.
Despite the young age Nikolas has been in the world of wine for many years: he was born into a family of producers, then his studies, then experiences with various wineries, and in 2018 he began producing his wines
Mostly farming Tocai Friulano, Malvasia Istriana and Ribolla Gialla, the wines of Nikolas Juretic are gaining praise in the natural wine scene where the elegance of the wines show equal love taken in the cellar as well as the vineyards

Very ripe grapes are harvested around mid- September. The harvest is done manually in boxes, this allows to bring fresh and carefully selected grapes to the cellar. The grapes are processed whole, without de-stemming and the maceration on the skins is the basis for spontaneous fermentation and the extraction of substances that give to the wines a unique character. After the fermentation has started (and some days of maceration), the grapes are pressed and the must is transferred to wooden barrels or concrete tanks. Following a long stay on their lees, the wines are bottled without filtration.
Unforgettable wines.

Wines by Nikolas Juretic


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