Nevio Scala

Nevio Scala with the AC Milan football shirt has won everything that could be won; he coached the great Parma UEFA Cup winner playing spectacular and innovative football.
It cannot fail to have a certain effect knowing the very same Nevio Scala, along with his son Claudio, also gave birth to one of the most beautiful Venetian companies producing natural wines.

Nevio Scala left agriculture as a boy and returned after a long campaign on the football fields: an honest and true person, with a strong and sincere handshake, and a grim face ready to open up in a big smile.

The result could only bring us splendid natural wines refermented in the bottle, wines that are at the same time simple and straightforward, delicate and carefree, sunny and spontaneous — like his and his son Claudio’s character.

The company is located at the foot of the Euganean hills, in the heart of the deepest Veneto region, and promotes biodiversity among the rows of vines by producing wines characterized by minimal interventions and which are a perfect synthesis of the territory.

Wines by Nevio Scala


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