La Stoppa

La Stoppa needs no introductions, and today it is a beautiful reality in the world of natural enology worldwide.

There is no fertilization or thinning, and the only treatments applied are those with copper and sulfur, according to the principles of organic farming. At the base of this agricultural choice lies the sensitivity of Elena Pantaleoni, who considers her land not as a property but as a precious thing to keep.

In the cellar, the enological approach is oriented on the observation of spontaneous natural processes and interventions are reduced to a minimum, with the belief that no human processing should condition the development of nature, but only accompany its expressions.
All fermentation occurs spontaneously, through indigenous yeasts, without the addition of sulfur, and at room temperature. Long macerations are carried out in order to extract the maximum from the grapes and to keep the characteristics of each harvest distinct. Long aging in oak barrels is necessary for the grapes grown in this warm and dry climate, and allows the wine to mature slowly and naturally. Also, the long refinement in the bottle is necessary for the wine to mature and be a faithful expression of the territory from which it comes.

The wines of La Stoppa are the direct expression of the territory, of the vintage and of a production philosophy that aims to respect the environment by recovering tradition. These are wines that have made a lot of talk about themselves, with a great character and an ancestral charm.

Wines by La Stoppa


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