Križ winery is located on the beautiful peninsula of Pelješac on the South Dalmatian coast.
It is there that Denis and his father Mile are taking care of two hectares of vineyards with southern exposure between the village of Prizdrina and the Postup region. The conditions of the vineyards are extreme, with exceptionally difficult, rocky terrain at a slope of up to 45 degrees. The terrain was refined by hand, creating terraces with dry-stone walls.

The cultivation of the vineyards and crops is 100% natural, traditional, and ecological — not using pesticides, as they would impact the natural yeasts unfavourably. Križ was the first Eco-certified winery in the whole country of Croatia.

The soil and vine are treated by hand, without the use of harmful chemicals. The approach to wine production is strictly ecological. Natural yeasts are preserved in the soil and in the grapes themselves, so that there is no need for supplementary yeasts, nitrogen fertilizers, enzymes, and especially for unacceptable additives and preservatives. Natural ripening and traditional cultivation is fostered alongside biodynamic techniques, and always with an emphasis on the terroir.

Wines by Križ


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