Marko Kovač - Negotians Vinarius

Marko Kovac is a well-known name in the world of natural wines and is also the creator and organizer of Karakterre, one of the most prestigious trade fairs of the world in the sector of natural wines. The Marinović family produces wine strictly from organic vineyards on the magical island of Korčula. Marinović has always worked with extremely traditional and manual techniques, including harvesting and pressing. His centuries-old working method was also utilized on the Croatian coast, where wine was already being marketed in the days of Ancient Rome.

Obviously, their partnership could only produce excellent results, which represent a great step forward for the growth of Croatian natural wine and certainly an example to follow. The first year of work gave us a fragrant and intense natural Plavac that best represents the wonderful territory from which it comes.

With no intervention in the cellar and a minimal use of sulfites for 500 bottles of total production, this wine is practically impossible to find in the market.

Wines by Marko Kovač - Negotians Vinarius


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