Kosovec is today one of the best local natural wine producers and probably not as well-known in Croatia as he deserves (almost all his wines are going abroad).
No doubt we can call him “the King of Škrlet”

Škrlet is an indigenous white grape variety typical for the Moslavina region of continental Croatia: a kind of grape that only grows in this hilly area (and nowhere else in the world) for a total of only 70 acres; for decades it was always considered as a refreshing summer drink for a budget price, with more or less no real aging potential.
But then came Ivan Kosovec, who decided to treat Škrlet somewhat differently, using organic viticulture, low yields per vine, ripe fruits, and minimalist approach in the cellar; the results are wonderful wines with perfect oxidations, reminiscent of the best French wines from the Loire.

Kosovec is the new name in natural wine production and able to enter the lists of some of the best restaurants in the world. A must to try.

Wines by Kosovec


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