I Mandorli

The history of I Mandorli is not born from a family with agricultural origins handed down over time, but from a family with constant attention to respect for the land and its cultivation methods. It comes from a sensitivity towards a type of agriculture in general that has the task of protecting and safeguarding the territory, but it also comes from people who are still amazed by the vitality and strength that nature offers.

The wine of I Mandorli represents an expression of the earth, of that specific territory with certain characteristics, becoming a link between the earth and man.
Horseradish, underground clovers, barley, vetch, phacelia, and protein pea are sown in the vineyard, to which spontaneous flora is naturally added.
No conventional pesticide or fertilizer treatments are used, but only the processes allowed for in biodynamic agriculture.
Preparations of chamomile, yarrow, nettle, oak, dandelion, and valerian are added to the biodynamic compost pile.

In the cellar, the philosophy of I Mandorli lets the wine make its own path without any interference from man: even the use of minimal quantities of sulfur is excluded.

Wines by I Mandorli


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