Delusional Wines

An old stone house, right next to the sea, adorned with a small sign tells us we are in Mike Pulley’s nest. A micro-winery located in the small village of Jadrtovac, situated along the Dalmatian coast, between the historical city of Šibenik and the amazing village of Primošten, in the heart of the small area where babić grape variety grows.
The growing conditions for Babić grapevines can be truly extreme. If you visit Primošten, you will see stone-laced vineyards spreading all the way down to the crystal clear, deep blue Adriatic Sea, a true work of art, made and farmed only by human hand.
When Mike left his corporate career in London to pursue his dream of starting a winery on the Dalmatian coast, his friends called him “delusional”. Mike’s face tells us that we are dealing with a real, sincere and above all happy person. And of course It is perfectly logical that even his wines reflect his spontaneity and naturalness.
Delusional Babić is made without any additional addictive using the yeast naturally present on the skins of his grapes. Respect is certainly the common denominator. Respect for nature, for tradition, for the flavors of the Adriatic sea; respect for a micro region that gives the world one of the most complete and deepest red wines in the world.

Wines by Delusional Wines


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