The passion for the land is handed down from generation to generation in the Croci family.
Going up along the Val d’Arda, on the first hills of Piacenza, right in front of the medieval village of Castell’Arquato, is the Croci Winery.

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, the young owner Massimiliano together with his brother Giuseppe, assisted by his father Ermano, manage the family business founded in 1935; for three generations the Croci family has been committed to cultivating these lands with loving respect for nature.
The position favored by the sun’s rays and the characteristics of the soil, lapped millions of years ago by the sea, allows one to obtain characteristic wines.

All the soils are certified organic, no toxic substances, herbicides, or fertilizers are used in the vineyard out of respect for the territory, the vine, and its natural cycles. The harvest is done by hand; the time between harvest and pressing is minimal, the grapes are placed in small crates and then processed in an artisanal way to keep all the characteristics and properties of the grapes unaltered.
The enhancement and respect of the territory are at the center of the objectives of the company which has become an authentic point of reference for lovers of wines refermented in the bottle using their own yeasts: petnats.

Wines by Croci


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