Cascina Boccaccio

In the immediate vicinity of Tagliolo Monferrato, immersed in the greenery of the most beautiful Piedmontese countryside, you may come across a small farmhouse where Roberto Porciello and his wife Ileana have made their dream come true; recover the land of Nonno Celso and revive a production that was respectful of the environment and nature and made only of passion and sacrifices.

Today Cascina Boccaccio works with organic and biodynamic agriculture and the result is a series of fresh and enjoyable wines refermented in the bottle that take the name of Infernot, in the Piedmontese dialect the tunnel that led into the cellars; but also excellent red wines which can naturally conserve and aging in bottles.
The farm work is made by hand according to the organic agriculture regulations.

The emblem of Roberto and Ileana’s courage is the “Celso Zero” a red wine from the local dolcetto grapes dedicated to their grandfather Celso and totally naturally made without any addition of sulfites.

Wines by Cascina Boccaccio


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