Casa Belfi

Maurizio Donadi is a young winemaker who has recovered ancient Venetian vineyards to carry out his project of a healthy and natural viticulture. The earth is treated with infusions, decoctions and herbal teas based on nettle, silica, chamomile, and horsetail. It is made fertile with horn-manure, whereas the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical herbicides is absolutely banned in the most rigorous Steinerian conception of agriculture. The vineyards of Casa Belfi thus become an example of natural harmony where animals and insects live together.

Maurizio’s wines contain the authentic aromas and flavors of the territory from which they come; without filtration and clarification they referment in the bottle without adding yeasts, enzymes, or sugars, leaving a base that represents the old way of producing real Prosecco.

A return to the origins and to nature that becomes the new great modernity.

Wines by Casa Belfi


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