Tomislav Veseljak, owner and creator of “Buzdovan,” is an oenologist by profession, with many years of experience abroad in both California and New Zealand, where he first got acquainted with cider production before deciding to bring it to Croatia in 2016.

In Croatia, old apple varieties belonging to Malus domestica are grown as independent trees, and give very tasty and energy-rich fruits. The large amount of polyphenols contained in the fruits have a very beneficial and positive effect on human health.
Old apple varieties in Croatia have a genetic predisposition to live independently and freely for many years, are adapted to the climate, and are more resistant to diseases and pests without the need for human intervention.
Here we have an authentic natural resource that Tomislav is studying and protecting, and of course using to produce Buzdovan’s cider: the first and only Croatian natural cider.

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