The ALEPA winery is a lively artisan reality that has been carrying out its business, since the 1980s, in Caiazzo in the province of Caserta in south of Italy, a hilly area of rare beauty and rich in biodiversity.

In the early 2000s Paola Riccio took over the reins of the family business, and to honor the vocation of the territory, she introduced Pallagrello, the native vine of the area, a rare biotype that exists in both white and red berried grapes.

The agricultural system of Alepa has always been attentive to the need to have a minimal environmental impact, and in recent years they have come to completely eliminate all synthetic products and to carry out the fight against vine pathogens with the sole use of sulfur and copper, having gradually reduced their quantities, and without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

In the cellar, the enological intervention is limited to favoring and assisting the natural development of fermentation using the indispensable technical measures. Time is the greatest ally. Wines are produced with very low residual sulfite content, as intact as possible: strongly varietal and expressive of the territory and the grape variety.

From the 2012 harvest, the experimentation of vinification without added sulfites began, the result of which was the birth of the Privo line that Naturavini is proud to present you.

Wines by Alepa


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